CETMA (Technologies Design and Materials European Research Centre) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) based in Brindisi (Italy), which carries out over than 25 years applied research activities on materials, processes, techniques and methods in order to develop and innovate products and services. It’s a no profit organization of public institutions and firms. Its specific thematic competences are focused on ICTs (development of specialized software for engineering, manufacturing and services), Advanced Materials (composites, polymers, bio-based and recycled ), product development, innovation market analysis. CETMA’s mission is to increase and integrate pervasive and enabling technologies as Materials and Structures Engineering, ICTs, Industrial Design. Founded in 1994, it was born from a public-private partnership promoted by ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) with the aim to strengthen.

technology transfer and innovation processes of the National Industrial System and in particular of Southern Italy regions. Through the execution of research projects, CETMA generates new knowledge and enriches skills and abilities of its staff, promoting growth and consolidation of highly qualified human capital in the area. Knowledge generated by research projects and skills acquired by the staff are used to deliver advanced services and contract research to companies and institutions meeting and responding to their needs. Doing that, CETMA implements a concrete technology transfer, and the knowledge generated by its researchers and technologists is used to solve innovation problems of its customers. It therefore acts as connection and integration element among the various innovation players: producers, users and mediators of knowledge and innovation.

CETMA’s vision is based on the awareness of the crucial importance of innovation for social and economic development.. In this CETMA believes and invests every day.

It can count on a vast collaboration experience with all the main national and EU public and private research centers, with most of the Italian universities and with countless small and large companies. It is a member of many organizations and associations that bring together companies and research institutions of a regional, national and EU nature.

Due to its characteristics, CETMA is the only center for Southern Italy surveyed in the web platform launched by the European Commission’s DG GROWTH that concerns all those Centers that are able to assist SMEs in the introduction of innovative technologies (see https://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/kets-tools/kets-tc/map  ).

CETMA’s role in TAGs project

In TAGs project CETMA is the technological partner in Italy as regard ICTs. The specific role of CETMA in TAGS project is to realize the decision support application ‘DSS-TAGS’ (for precision irrigation and fertilization), aimed at supporting the user in the decision to irrigate and fertilize the crop according to the real needs (even during the different growing phases), in the right period and in the appropriate quantities. By doing so, we can have a more efficient and competitive agriculture in Italy and Greece. CETMA is bringing its contribution in all the project work packages, id est for the definition of the Innovation Support Services (ISS), and the legal, and  regulatory framework for the implementation of a Cross Border cluster of Local Action Groups, for the validation of ISS and technology transfer to local SMEs, for the clustering and networking activities and the creation of a Cross Border cluster of Local Action Groups. The Department involved in the implementation of TAGs project, is New Technologies and Design Department (NED Department).

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