The Local Action Group (LAG) “Terra dei Trulli e di Barsento” (Land of Trulli and Barsento) is a consortium company established in 2003, formed by a public and private partnership, a balanced and representative expression of the socio-economic components of its territory made up, at present, of the municipalities of Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Gioia del Colle, Monopoli, Noci, Putignano, Sammichele di Bari and Turi. The LAG, as part of the LEADER Community Initiative programme, aims to promote and coordinate local development processes, drawing up development strategies and dealing with their subsequent implementation.

Seventeen years after its establishment, the LAG “Terra dei Trulli e di Barsento”, confirms itself as an operational structure suitable to capture the needs of the territory and translate them into concrete projects with positive economic spin-offs. There are many areas in which the LAG is called to operate: from the valorisation of typical products and excellent food and wine of the territory, to the environmental and historical-cultural heritage; from the support to small and medium enterprises, to the support and improvement of services to the rural population; supporting the development and innovation of the supply chains and local agro-food, handicraft, manufacturing and fish production systems and contributing to the valorisation of local identities.

LAG “Land of Trulli and Barsento” role in TAGs project

The LAG “Land of Trulli and Barsento”, as a partner of the Interreg V-A Greece – Italy 2014-2020 TAGs Project, promotes innovation in support of the agricultural sector and quality production. The LAG is responsible for identifying, within its own territory, an agricultural crop and a pilot site for experimentation on innovative irrigation and fertilization practices using modern data collection techniques. In addition to this task, the LAG deals with the promotion aspect of the Project itself through the preparation of a communication plan, the design and implementation of promotional material, the design and management of the website and social media pages, promoting the implementation of these innovation systems by local companies.

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