The University of Patras (UPATRAS) is one of the leading research and teaching institutions, and the fourth largest in Greece, constantly aiming for excellence through the creation, utilization, transfer and application of knowledge. Its success is built on a strong partnership with its students and academic staff and a clear focus on high performance, enhancing UPAT’s position as a world-class university with a strong academic reputation and a commitment to excellence.  UPAT has acquired international prominence for pioneering and wide ranging research in areas such as Environment, Health, Biotechnology, Engineers, Electronics, Informatics and basic science. UPAT is ranked between the top 701-750 Universities in the world, according to QS World University Ranking in 2018 with the corresponding faculty area ranks between 151-200 for Engineering-Civil & Structural, 201-250 for Chemical Engineering, 201-250 for Mechanical Engineering and 401-450 for Medicine.

UPAT formally fosters and achieves interaction and collaborations with Universities and Research Institutions worldwide engaging in and developing joint activities related to research, teaching, intensive programmes and common curricula, establishing bilateral agreements (already 200 with 55 countries), as well as participating in International & EU Educational Organizations, Networks and University Associations (EUA, EUCEN, BSUN, UNECC, CMU, UNIADRION, AESOP, etc) ensuring that UPAT remains at the forefront of global developments. UPAT’s Special Account for Research Grants has received an accreditation for Managerial Competence since 2009, issued by the Ministry of Education, certifying the administrative efficiency and capacity for the implementation of co-funded projects and programmes.

UPATRAS’ role in the project

Soil Science Laboratory, Department of Agriculture is driven all the actions are needed regarding the role of University of Patras (UPATRAS – PB4) in the project, has the appropriate expertise and knowledge and deals within all thw WPs of the project. Its expertise is related to soil water management and management of pilot field monitoring, regarding the implementation of Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) methodology as a precision agriculture service for supporting the Agro-food business sector. Its lately experience regarding methodology for research and development of practices regarding smart soil and irrigation management solutions, guarantees a number of success stories to the proposed tasks and deliverables, especially regarding the establishment of a “CROSS BORDER CLUSTER INITIATIVE – DIGITAL INNOVATION HUB IN THE AGRI-FOOD BUSSINESS SECTOR and PRECISION AGRICULTURE ” («CROSS DIGITAL INNOVATION HUB») with the distinctive title “CrossHub” This new Transnational Action Group will strengthen the cross border cooperation among local action groups and all other stakeholders to promote and improve the international competitiveness of Agro-food sector and at the same time will stimulate a paradigm of open innovation research and technological development much closer to real market needs. In addition, UPATRAS has the experience in effective dissemination of results and methods which has emerged from the dispersion of knowledge of a lot of research and development projects

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