Region of Western Greece is consisted of three Regional Units: Achaia, Ileia and Aitoloakarnania. It occupies an area of ​​11,336 sq.m. and its population is 679,796 according to the 2011 census. Its largest city and capital is Patras.

The rural sector (Agriculture, Livestock farming, Fishing, Forestry) is one of the most important and basic pillars of Region’s growth and development. The food-processing branch concentrates the largest number of workers in Western Greece.

Western Greece has a very strong concentration of workers in the rural areas and agriculture (9th among 272 European regions) – as also in SMEs workers (26th among 272 European regions) that signifies the important role of  the Region’s rural SME’s to the development of Region’s productive base.

REGION OF WESTERN GREECE’ role in the project

Within the TAGs project, the Region of Western Greece carries out, together with the LAGs, the actions related to the strengthening of relations between research institutes and enterprises and the support to the implementation of soil and plant analysis techniques on site in order to help farmers in carrying out tests to improve agricultural management.

Operationally the Partner is bringing its contribution in all the work packages of the project, focusing mainly on work packages n.5 for clustering, networking and the creation of a cross-border cluster of Local Action Groups. Particular attention is being paid on actions related to the creation of a report on the regulatory framework and policies for the Cross Border Cluster, on the report on drivers and barriers of the Cross Border Cluster to support local territorial ecosystems and on the creation of a statute and related guidelines for the creation of the Cross Border Cluster.

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